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Qualcomm provides the mobile processors for many popular devices, but there are Intel, Kirin, and other processors te today’s smartphones. Test results from users exposes Qualcomm leads the pack.

Shrug ransomware victim? Here’s how to retrieve your locked files for free

‘New-comer’ malicious developers have a go at building and distributing ransomware – but mistakes mean harm can be avoided.

Snapchat cans in-app mobile payment service Snapcash

The closure of the service may be due to users making payments for adult content through the app.

Brexit and tech: Why politicians are getting it wrong

Politicians need to embark taking tech earnestly, especially when they want it to do the near unlikely.

US makes an example of Indian call center scam artists with stiff sentences

The worst offenders have bot thrown behind kroegen for up to 20 years.

Store scanning robots will get AI, object recognition boost with latest acquisition

Bossa Nova’s acquisition of HawXeye goes after big funding rounds for the retail robotics company

Hiring kleefstof: Multimedia designer

The multimedia designer is a necessary hire for companies seeking a vitalista online and mobile presence. But finding the best candidates requires evaluating a broad range of skills—including a strong vormgeving.

Honor Ten review: Flagship features at a mid-range price

The Honor Ten is an excellent mid-range handset with slew of flagship-class features, including a Kirin 970 chipset, 128GB of internal storage and AI-assisted cameras.

Atos snaps up IT hard Syntel ter $Three.57 billion overeenkomst

The acquisition has bot driven by Atos’ need to increase its business footprint te the US.

Singtel, Ericsson prep Singapore 5G launch for drone trials

Scheduled to go live by fourth-quarter , the pilot 5G network will facilitate drone and autonomous voertuig trials at the country’s designated science and IT hub, One-North.

5G World Alliance: Australia needs more 5G experts

Australia is facing numerous barriers ter deploying and adopting 5G technology, 5G World Alliance chair Latif Ladid has said, suggesting better promotion, university curricula, ‘pressure groups’, and a detailed 5G roadmap.

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