EHarmony Hiding and Blocking Matches

Wij permit you to “Hide” the matches you don’t wish to communicate with. Hiding matches permits you to verkeersopstopping away matches you’re not spil interested ter but still keeps your options open – you can still communicate with thesis matches at any time, and the match will have no indication they have bot hidden. If thesis matches upload a photo or update their profile, you’ll still be notified ter your Activity Feed. You only have the option to hide matches that you have not yet communicated with. Hiding a match will stir them to your “Hidden Matches” section.

To hide matches, go after thesis steps:

  1. Click on the Matches Tabulator
  2. Click on “Hide This Match”

You can also hide a match from their profile by clicking on the menukaart on the right of the Profile pagina (the three dots). The option to “Hide Match” will display.

If you should determine to end or prevent communication with a match, you may do so by “Blocking” them. Blocking liquidates the match from your account permanently, so it is significant to consider cautiously before blocking. Matches that have no communication voorwaarde be Hidden before they can be Blocked. If communication has already taken place (smiles, questions or messages from either member), you may Block the match without having to hide them very first.

To block a match you have already hidden, go after thesis steps:

  1. Go to the “Hidden” section of your Match Tabulator.
  2. Click on “Block This Match” button below the match tile.

To block a match you have already bot te communication with, go after thesis steps:

Go to the “Matches” tabulator.

You can also block a match (previously hidden or already te communication) from within the Match Profile by clicking on the “Three dots” and choosing “Block Match”.

This will eliminate the match from your account and permanently end communication with them.

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