Online Dating yay or nay?

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If you’ve never done online dating before, be ready for every single masculine on whatever webpagina you choose, to throw themselves at you. flood your inbox. get pissed when you don’t react back instantly. get random dick pics. expect you to be dtf. you’ll get like 400 messages a day, if not more. depending on how hot you are.

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Yay. I’m actually te one.

The thing is it frequently turns ter a LDR (my case) and you need a loterijlot of trust, time and

love ter this situation.

Or you can have one for only stands or whatever, but that’s more difficult.

Considering you are a single mother, I guess you search a

If yes, it can be a good idea, but always be careful.

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What Guys Said

online dating can work. if you’re after casual stuff then the likes of Slew of Fish and Tinder would do but for the chance of serious dating ID stick to the sites that require paid membership. it cuts down the ratio of guys to women. there are always far more guys than women on dating sites.

Online dating would be ideal for someone ter your position. There’s numerous sites to choose from and you can find someone within your area fairly quickly depending on where you live. You can make a profile and connect with people who share similar interests.

I’ve gone on many dates with people I’ve met online. It’s hard to find people who are welvoeglijk online, but te my opinion it increases your chances of meeting your potential fucking partner. I think overheen time, online dating is going to be the social vaandel.

doesn’t work often. Most women get drowned ter a see of shit. Most boys are fishing ter a pond with no greedy fish.

gravely, attempted tinder for a while, looked at some others apps, I’ll stick to actual life stuff.

i use pof i found my current gf there and my ex i had a kid with

ut works my gf n i have veen together for 2yrs now and wij met off of p. o. f.

online dating is cool but sometimes v meet fake people here

Yay. I’m dating a zuilengang dude right now.

don’t use tinder for relationships

I don’t know yet

What Women Said

I’m not going to pretend it works for everyone. Many of my friends abandon online dating because it didn’t work. I

wasgoed more into it casually for joy. I didn’t expect to actually meet someone. I wasgoed thinking of stopping when I met one last man and he wasgoed the one. Wij clicked right away. That wasgoed four years ago and wij live together. He’s the one for mij.

yay for mij. Im a single mother of Two and busy with work too, im an introvert so i dont socialise that much. I met my playmate on an online dating webpagina and weve bot dating for 7 months now. He’ll come and visit mij this November for the very first time. Im excited and anxious at the same time.

Yay I met my other half from one called clover and wij are coming up to year and a few other people I know have had good things aswell from online x

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