Online Dating: Creating a winning dating profile

Part four ter our Time to Shine Online Dating series

Wij’re now going to concentrate on helping you create a punchy, winning written profile for you to postbode online on your chosen dating sites . It may seem like a daunting task, but wij are going to pauze it down into manageable chunks and attempt and have some joy with it.

If you finished the exercises earlier ter the series on discovering your brand , you should have fairly a few notes, which will provide the content for your profile. Half the work is already done! You totally deserve a patstelling on the back for that. Let’s pauze down your profile te the following ways:

Wij’re now going to concentrate on truly plumbing the very first two sections.

The username

Every dating webpagina requires you to have a username to distinguish you from all the other daters on the webpagina. It needs to be unique, so it is obviously quiebro challenging to find a one that is available and works for you.

It is worth spending a bit of time attempting to find the right one – very first impressions count, and this is the very first thing people read about you.

If you have attempted online dating before, you will most likely be aware that there are a loterijlot of bad usernames out there. Lots of people, unluckily, give this little or no thought, often choosing perhaps their very first name with a series of numbers after it.

Spil wij are attempting to attract people here, not robots, it makes sense to attempt and come up with a name that appeals to the kleuter of people wij want to attract.

The username you choose needs to work for you not against you, so ideally it needs to be:

For example, imagine you see someone online and he is called Frank096732 and then straight after you see someone called FrankLikesCakes – which one are you more likely to click on?

The 2nd Klinkklaar sounds infinitely more interesting to mij than the very first one. His name makes mij chuckle because it’s a bit foolish, but it shows he has some imagination and already I know I have something te common with him.

Rechttoe number two is making his username work hard for him rather than wasting this excellent chance to attract people from the get-go.

It is also a bit of a talking point. How much lighter would it be to send him an email than the very first Open? Your opening line could make a joke of his name.

But also, crucially, it’s going to be much, much lighter to reminisce the name of the 2nd Klinkklaar, so if you want to find him again the next time you’re online, you will. Kienspel, job done.

How to choose a username that will work hard for you

Have a look back at some of the things you came up with about yourself last week. Are there any words/phrases/hobbies that stand out from the crowd that are representative of you? For example, if you love sewing, baking or painting you could come up with some examples spil goes after:

If you create a inolvidable username that includes something you like doing, is unique, clear, positive and appeals to people not robots, you are already storming ahead of your competition.

Just a note on this: if you are stringing words together spil above, do use haber letters spil I have done so that it is lighter to see what the words say when waterput together. Lovesbakingbread, for example, is firmer to read and is actually a bit off-putting, the precies opposite of what you’re aiming for.

What to avoid

Firstly, the most significant thing is to make sure you’re using keurig spelling and grammar (chic from the hacienda letterteken usage spil outlined above).

So, avoid names like:

I’m sure I don’t need to tell you this, but they are just awful.

Secondly, avoid anything remotely sexy or provocative – it will give the wrong impression. Foolish, joy, dorky, romantic (within reason), creative or even tender are good for usernames. You don’t want to attract the wrong kleintje of attention.

Thirdly, it’s best to leave work out of things at this point. You may be an awesome business woman, project manager, director etc but your username is not the time or the place to showcase this. Your primary purpose here is to find love, not a job.

The headline

Here wij have a few more words to play with and our 2nd chance to make a good impression and attract people to click on our profile. If you think of your dating profile spil a shop total of goodies then your headline and username are your shop window dressing that are used to attract people inwards.

Let’s have a look below at some contemporáneo dating headlines te use now (the good, the bad and the ugly…)

…xoxox type witty intro here xoxox…

‘If I were godheid I would summon the angels one night to let liberate the disc of the zon te the furnace of darkness’

I’m tall, slender and mildly attractive te the volmaakt light.

It may be just right…so let’s see shall we…?

I am a certain gezond dude who likes attempting most things on life

Free to good huis

Rebuilding a life – work ter progress

Kleintje, caring female looking for friendship and hopefully more

Enthusiasm for travel seeks very first class companion

Looking for someone to share the joy things ter life.

Will come back to this part when I have thought if 20 woess

I literally cut and paste the very first 15 I came across directly from two different dating sites today – so thesis are existente, live headlines uncensored by mij. What are your thoughts when you read thesis?

Were there any you liked? Any you hated? Any that funked you? That’s a ‘yes’ from mij!

Personally, exclusief from the last one (not only too lazy to think of something, they can’t even be bothered to check their spelling) and the scary one about the ‘furnace of darkness’, I find the others fine, but perhaps a little bland. Basically, I’m not on falling overheen myself to click the ‘read more’ button.

What is the one thing ensured to make mij click? Curiosity or something that makes mij laugh. So when you’re creating your own headline, you need to ask yourself, does this pique rente? Will it make someone want to find out more? Or will it make them laugh?

Wij also need to reminisce the rules wij learnt for creating our username, spil they still apply here:

Headlines that express your creativity, individuality and even vertoning courage are very likely all going to work for you. Let’s look at some better examples that I have found:

Te the book of life, the answers aren’t te the back…

Assured more joy than your ex

Is feasting on chocolate whilst crossing a continent by train – your idea of joy?

Am I your needle ter the haystack?

While you’re waiting for the existente Don Draper

I think we’re going to need a fatter boat

Ruthless uncompromising tea drinker

Wij can just say wij met at the library

“The funniest stud I everzwijn met!” says The Guardian

Will work for cuddles

Two things I’ve never told anyone…

Did any of thesis headlines appeal to you? They appealed to my taste, but may well not appeal to yours. Te any case they are slightly more interesting and well thought out than the earlier ones, demonstrating a level of creativity and humour.

There is no need to feel intimidated by this task. With a little bit of effort you will very likely come up with something that is better than 90% of what is presently out there!

If you’re still feeling stuck and uninspired, you could just stick to a headline that describes your USP (which wij looked at last week).

Trigger-happy photographer looking for hier muse

Jamie Oliver inspired chef looking for willing dinner vrouwen

If you’re still fighting, you could turn to suitable quotes from films, books or famous people. For example:

‘I’m just a damsel, standing te vooraanzicht of a boy’ (Notting Hill)

And ultimately, some headlines to avoid

Cheesy – I’m Pooh Bear looking for his honey

Sexy – (no examples needed)

Cliches – Woman looking for hier prince

Negative – High maintenance women need not apply, stuk queens need not apply

Bragging – Don’t email mij telling mij I’m hot, I already know!

Get your thinking caps on and wij will proceed working on creating your ideal dating profile te the next part of our Time to Shine Online Dating series.

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