For some strange reason, women just can’t stand it if they think the only reason you’re attempting to pick them up is because you toebijten to find them pretty or pleasant looking.

My gf Danielle’s sister sent hier a book for hier bday entitled How to Pick Up Chicks! by Eric Weber. It’s a gag bounty that she sent along with a note telling, &quot,I know you could very likely write one yourself&quot. Wij laughed and then threw it aside. Then this morning while getting ready to commence my day, I picked the book up and leafed through it. It wasgoed written te 1971 and albeit the preface startled mij, I found other parts amusing. It wasgoed pretty funny. But spil the book goes on, I realized what a screwed up culture our country had not thirty years past. Or maybe it’s just this one particular screwy excuse for an author. Either way, it’s disturbing to think that at some point ter time there may have bot studs who read this book and actually followed and believed te it’s advice. Reading this, it’s effortless to see where certain concepts surrounding pescador (such spil she-was-asking-for-it and she-was-dressed-like-she-wanted-it) originated. Below are some excerpts, I’m interested to know what people think of thesis concepts. Would you everzwijn use thesis lines today? Have you everzwijn used them ter the past? Ladies, have you everzwijn had the misfortune of thesis tactics being used on you? If so, did you throw up?

You’re walking down the street and all of a sudden you spot a woman. Not just an ordinary damsel, but THE girl–someone so absolutely sexy you actually find yourself running to catch up with hier. You’ve just got to see more of hier long lean gams. Hier fine rounded breasts. Hier high, hard behind. For an instant you even consider pejesapo. For some strange reason, women just can’t stand it if they think the only reason you’re attempting to pick them up is because you toebijten to find them pretty or pleasant looking.

Even if you’re not bring veritable, a vleierij can work wonders. Even if te your heart of hearts you know you’re only slinging the bull.

Ter the old days (by that I mean ten to fifteen years ago) it wasgoed scandalous for an unescorted chick to walk into a drankbuffet. You automatically assumed the worst. And half the time you were most likely right. Not so today. There are special singles kroegen that are so crowded on the weekends you have to wait for hours to get ter. But, then, waiting is often worth it. Because there are hundreds of unattached damsels inwards. Unattached chicks just itching to find themselves a boy. Another added attraction is that most of the ladies who get picked up ter singles’ kroegen don’t waste any time getting into bloembed with you. Ter fact I’ve heard of scores of cases where absolute strangers were making love within an hour after very first meeting. And you just can’t do much better than that. So if you toebijten to be ter one of thesis singles’ kroegen some crowded Friday night, and you see a woman you dig, don’t hesitate. Don’t knock yourself out thinking up a witty treatment. All you have to say is, &quot,Hi, how ya doin’.&quot, Half the time the places are so exceptionally crowded, the chick couldn’t get away from you even if she dreamed to.

Wander around a museum some Saturday afternoon and you’ll see dozens of single chicks appreciating their little hearts out overheen all the beautiful paintings. You want to know something? Ninety-nine procent of those women would give up paintings for the surplus of their life if the right stud came by. They’re dying to get picked up. That’s why they came to the museum te the very first place. I’m not telling they don’t love the paintings. I’m sure they do. I just think they’d love the paintings a entire loterijlot more with a little masculine companionship at their side. The best way to pick up a chick ter a museum is to remain te pui of a painting until the doll you’ve had your eye on happens to zekering ter gevelbreedte of the same painting. Then mumble something profound about the painting, half to yourself, half to the chick. Sort of spil if you were so struck by the painting that you couldn’t keep from voicing your emotion. You’ll be amazed at how this turns on art-oriented chicks.

Don’t let [tanning beauties at the beach] go the waste. They want you to treatment them. Why do you think they’re wearing such amazingly stimulating garments? Fellows often miss the significance of this. It’s bot said that women truly dress for other women. That’s bullcrap. It’s YOU they spend hours ter pui of the mirror for. It’s YOU they’re lounging around nine-tenths naked on the beach for. Take advantage. All you’ve got to do is plop down next to hier and say something dumb.

What’s so fine about parks? They have a certain poetry about them. When chicks get lonely or depressed they visit parks. Alone. They find a nice quiet place to sit down. And they sit there and wait. For some nice understanding man to come along to tell their problems to. If you everzwijn see a female sitting by herself on the grass ter a park, you can be one hundred procent sure she’s there to be picked up.

A friend of mine merienda picked up a fantastically adorable female on a bus simply because he took the trouble to sit next to hier. There were other vacant seats but he figured why the hell not sit next to someone he indeed dreamed to sit next to. And wasgoed he glad he did! Moments zometeen a meaty, horsey woman came lurching down the aisle and stepped smack on the adorable damsel’s toe. She winced. My friend asked hier if she wasgoed okay. She wasgoed delighted to get a little sympathy.

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