GTA IV on Windows Ten

Spil the title says, I am attempting to play with GTA IV on Windows Ten.

i7-4500U, 8GB DDR3L, HD8850M etc.

Looks like wij won’t be playing for a while. Re-installing did not help for mij.

Thank you, but I can’t disable Windows Updates. It will reinstall the drivers provided by Microsoft.

Already did that. I have Ten Education, clean install.

Updated a 3rd time!

the top is for tablet and the bottom is for pc. and the middle is what truly immovable this spel and all 16 other games from steam.

no installing toegevoegd crap that can take up precious space, It is ter compatibility mode for win7. I just downloaded the spel from steam and did what i have typed out here.

I am running gta4 on win10 on my nextbook tablet mentioned below it has bot upgraded to win10. Please read and understand this guide before you do this. THIS IS A THREE STEP SOLUTION.


So for people using an HP21-h013w touchscreen pc running windows Ten if you are having problems with this spel and others you can always attempt a fresh install of win10. it took Trio attempts to get win10 to install correctly. It would seem that Microsoft is having issues with this fresh OS. I did not have to do anything to this spel to get it to run on win10. It just needs win10 to be installed correctly, and the stuff that steam gives out with this download for the very first time run setup. no setting windows compatibility. no downloading toegevoegd stuff. However I still have to use the &quot, -availablevidmem 17.0 -nomemrestrictions -norestrictions &quot, instruction line you can inject using steam. WINDOWS10 IS THE Punt. Steam has done a good job with this spel. Maybe update the GFWL Opstopping that comes with this spel, but i didnt have to. Awsome Job Steam. BOOO for Microsoft! A fresh install of Windows10 has helped all of my games from steam. I toevluchthaven’t had to download anything to run games.

This is what finaly worked for mij ter the end everything else wasgoed anger managment testing. Hope this helps.

sepcs arent indeed a problem. memory and processor are. if your not using a multicore processor then this spel wont run, period. if you do have multicore tech and have windows 8.1 or Ten or windows whatever ter order to get it to run you need to open &quot,notepad&quot, and type the following:

-availablevidmem 275.0 -nomemrestrictions -norestrictions

Then save spil: commandline.txt

This just spil elementary: create a desktop shortcut. Find the document tittled &quot,LaunchGTAIV.exe&quot, te your steam folder, then copy it and paste it to your desktop.

the utter path is something like: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Grand Theft Automaat IV\GTAIV&quot,

then right click the fresh desktop shortcut and click on properties. ter this window you will need to find &quot,Target&quot, (lacated ter the &quot,shortcut&quot, tabulator ter the spijskaart) and inject the following te that field it vereiste be identical to what is below:

&quot,C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\comon\Grand Theft Wagen IV\GTAIV\LaunchGTAIV.exe&quot, -availablevidmem 275.0 -nomemrestrictions -norestrictions

Add your shortcut to steam through the &quot,add a spel&quot, button at the bottom of your steam window OR dont add it and just use the shortcut you created on you desktop and run it offline and disconnected from the internet so you can disable your antivirus and have that much more preformance.

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