Fianc – Visa Scam, Phone Explosion Scam, Funeral Scam Your Hier Next Victim ter the Philippines and You – re Clueless

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Get To The USA And Dump Him Scam

Very similar to the (clean you out scam) the entire idea here is to marry any American regardless of how old he is with the foot purpose of getting to United States to make money and have a better life. Often they already have other relatives here they will eventually get together with.

Merienda here, they want to begin working right away to make money for themselves and their family abroad. Merienda lodged te, the next step is to find a junior man ( usually at hier fresh work place) to meet up with for hier future plans. However, I have seen this project get tripped up when she gets pregnant by the junior man oops! They will attempt keep this relationship secret until they have waited the necessary time to get hier voortdurend residency or citizenship. Citizenship is very significant because merienda she has it, she can then sponsor other family members back te Philippines to come to the States. Sometimes she will petition a brother who is, te reality hier old bf ( forged documents are common place) that she wants to come join hier te the states. Merienda she has everything te order she’s gone.

Basic fianc&eacute, visa scam

The scam works like this. You have found the female of your wishes te the Philippines and had the time of your life courting and sleeping with hier, eventually you need to comeback huis to go to work. Coaxed she’s all yours you start sending money to support hier everything seems like it’s going fine.

This is volmaakt because, this is exactly what the damsels are looking for, a man that is works a lotsbestemming and can’t stay or spend much time te the Philippines. This is good for them because they are left there alone to wait out and treat all the paperwork themselves, the longer the entire visa process takes the more money she can take you for. The best thing you can do before going to the Philippines is to educate yourself about the applications process, every mistake made will cause appointment and paperwork redo’s that will cost you lots of time and money. Or better yet hire an attorney to get it done right te the very first place. This could significantly shortened any scam if that’s what it is, saving you valuable time and money te the long run. Keep te mind while waiting for the visa process to play out, you will be paying for hier transportation, food, lodging, medical, etc.

One day when I wasgoed ter Manila at the immigration office taking care some business, I ran into a stud from the states and wij embarked to talk, he told mij that he had bot attempting to get his fiancГ© visa paperwork done for overheen three years. When I asked why, he said he wasgoed not able to be there to treat the paperwork and attend the appointments and my fiancГ© wasgoed always making mistakes. Scammers make thesis mistakes at immigration on purpose, they will even send you signed fake copies/pictures of immigration paperwork so you keep thinking everything is going fine. They will say and do just about anything to spread out the length of the scam. Even if the Visa ultimately gets approved, she will play hier palm out until you actually have your tickets and are just about ready to houtvezelplaat the plane. This is when she is going to dump you and usually sounds like this, I found a fresh boy friend so don’t come I don’t want you. They make it pretty blunt because they don’t want you coming overheen there and looking around for them. I would undoubtedly recommend that you don’t do so, because you could certainly be walking into a very dangerous situation

Phone Explosion Scam

The most affordable way to communicate te the Philippines is texting because talking overheen the cell phone burns up blast quickly. If you are communicating with a Filipino gal, she may ask you to send hier some phone flow typically 300 pesos so she can keep communicating with you. This of course te itself is not a lotsbestemming of blast ( or money ) but keep ter mind, you very likely are not the only boy she’s texting and hitting up for the same explosion. If she is hitting up five or six other guys for stream, this is actually finta a lucrative little scam. Merienda she accumulates all this fountain she can lightly resell the geyser to other users collecting money or trade for it. You know you are being hustled buy the fountain scam if every few days she texts you asking for more fountain, 300 pesos worth of loan can lightly last for a month of texting so there’s absolutely no need for hier to be permanently be hitting you up for fountain.

Family Funeral Scam

Sad to say, you will even be scammed when one of their family members dies ter the Philippines. If a member of your wifey’s or fiancГ©’s instant family member dies you will be asked to pitch ter money for the wake, funeral, and a after the funeral dinner. The problem is when they say contribute this indeed means most or all, simply because you have more money than them. The deceased will end up with a much nicer funeral and party then what they would have normally receive had you not bot te the picture.

It is customary after the funeral to have a dinner, but trust mij it will end up being a very big affair merienda the word gets out the American is paying for it, even distant family members from far and broad will make the trek to pay there respects.

Because you’re most likely back te the States, you most likely won’t able to make the funeral or dinner. So you are going to have very little control or say how the money gets spent or proof when it’s all said and done.. This is why it becomes an volmaakt chance for them to siphoned off money into their pocket, The scammers have very little compunction about how abhorrent their behavior is when it comes to stealing your money.

Commence a business with you scam

Filipinos love to commence businesses and they love to begin businesses with your money. Embarking a business with a Filipino chick very risky, many times they just want to begin one ter order to siphon off money from the business, they couldn’t care less if it succeeded or not. If money is always coming up brief it would wise to cut your losses and just get out of it.

I personally knew an older dandi back te the States that had gotten involved with a Muslim woman with four kids from Mindanao. She introduced him to the neighbors who told him they were gold mining and making a lotsbestemming of money. They demonstrated him a voetgangerstunnel ter the ground they had dug and some chunks of gold they claimed were found te the voetgangerstunnel.

Believing there claims, they talk the old dude into hiring some Filipino experts that could walk his woman friends property to see if there is any gold. The guys showcased up the next day with a special cord and stone that were tied together. They said when used decently, they could find gold with them ( their version of a divining rod). They began walking the property holding onto the end of cable with the stone dangling inches from the ground. About five minutes into the search the stone commenced to sway ter a circular mobility and the studs got excited, They told the old man that were observing clear signs from the sway stones that their wasgoed a loterijlot of gold down te the ground.

Persuaded by the Filipino gold experts that he would soon be rich gold mining, he came back to the states and began selling off his assets to acquire equipment to ship back to the Philippines to start mining.

Months straks back at his fresh mine he hired his girlfriends neighbors the Muslim militants paying them daly wages, and supplying them with food and drank to keep them all blessed.. He said they had already tunneled approximately 30 feet down into the ground with no sign of gold yet.

Spil weeks went buy one of the workers would come out of the voetgangerstunnel with a few specks of gold just enough to keep his hopes up and keep the scam going. After a year of searing through his life savings dumping it into that worthless crevice he talent up.

One reason why many Filipino businesses are fated to fail is because of their neighborhood system of favors and loans. Filipinos have what they call a gracia system they are always bargaining, bartering, asking for credit or loans. So if you are running a business together with your wifey or fiancГ© make sure she is not wheeling and dealing all your money away.

The excellent Filipino people

Let mij make this ideally clear, I am not attempting to imply that all Filipino women or studs are scammers. I have bot cheerfully married to my Filipino wifey of 20 years. I also have met through business, church, and Filipino associations groups many Filipino-American couples who are hard-working fair and wonderful people.

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