wasgoed browsing through a webstek where i came across ‘Ten things boys voorwaarde never ask a women’..it has something like asking for smooch,number of ex, flashing of material things etc etc. so what do you think. What dudes vereiste never ask you?

Waistline or anything about size and measurements. This is ter universal. or if you are moody, they should never ask if I am menstruating again and Can you cook this and that like my mom?

got that..i didnt ask anything yet to you pretty. except a request of writing a hub.

ok, Morning pisean..soon I will make a hub again..

your hubs are one of most awaited things for mij. so i would be waiting.

never ask private business.

id say the thickest thing for mij is dont ask about past beau’s. its just a private thing unless it has something to do with you. which it doesnt lol

morning..how are you doing today?

&quot,Do you come here often?&quot,

&quot,Are you a natural blondie?&quot,

Hahaha normally super black eye-brows give it away.

&quot,Does your nose always turn crimson like that?&quot,

. oh yea. don’t even go there with that question!

What’s wrong with asking whether or not you can cook?

hectare hectare hectare. i wanna hear . ‘BTW i am a superb cook. don’t you worry about anything. you just bring the smiles and a bottle of wine and i’ll take care of the surplus’. not just ask mij the question. but tell mij you can cook.

I can make fine things toebijten on the grill. Otherwise, I’d just have to bring the smiles, wine, and appetite.

. mij too. there’s the problem right there. i need someone who can cook. and cook lots of stuff. or wij could cook together!

Has your bum always bot that big? (yes it has and no I’m not bothered enough about it to want to make it smaller)

&quot,What would make you call the cops?&quot,

oooh. that one’s scary. i’d begin running for sure!

That’s enough of this nonsense for now. I’ve got to go run some errands.

Will you marry mij? Very first tell mij, are you wealthy?

Are you on the spinrag?

Dang it, ralwus. Ritme mij to the punch. again!

Hahahaha too funny MM.

For couples. when’s my bday.

Is it my imagination or have you gained a few pounds?

Did you think I meant when are you due to be on the spinrag?

I meant when is the kindje due

LOL No, you raggin’ on mij.

Can I borrow your dress and make up?

This isn’t one of the more significant ones, but there’s always the question about whether or not you’re going to finish your dinner (spil someone eyes what you still have left on your plate and WERE programma to eat )

LOL, even worse if he asked when you are already wearing it.

oh this reminds mij went on a date with a hair lump right down to my glutes. This dude said how lovely my hair wasgoed so I agreed LMAO. Imagine the verrassing on his face and the ‘what the heck’ look on my face when he wasgoed wanking my hair beside the fireplace and it fell off te his arms.

I think the word is menagatwa

Ah – &quot,Menage a trois&quot, , you mean? Yes. That would be a definite no-no spil far spil out-of-line questions go.

I say ask mij anything you want and I will give an reaction.

ok – how is the black dress

Ter the top loader soaking at present with two denture tablets (honestly I wasgoed told they make superb stain removers) I spilled the crimson wine you served after dinner ahhhh.

I am purposely going spill spaghetti sauce on a under T-shirt to test this theory out .

Oh earnestly give it a attempt. My friend spilled crimson wine on hier T-shirt. Went out and bought denture tablets soaked it te a bucket with two tablets and presto it all came out. Who would have thought.

now I reminisce. but it wasgoed a good dinner

The company wasgoed never-to-be-forgotten, I took it all ter even however I had so many prawns ter my mouth I couldn’t say a word loool.

Hey there possum pie. Oh how could you leave behind thesis things ahhhhhh. Oh come overheen to Oz I will hook you up with a sheep shearer Brock Lee, from Abbadabba Outback.

How you doing BP ?

Wow your friends sound just divine almost spil divine spil mine LMAO. Wij vereiste all get together some time. How far away will it take for mij to sail to China?

AP – that wasgoed brilliant!

What?! A jolly swagman camped by a billabong, under the shade of a coolabah tree?! You’re killing mij here. LOL

Haha oh by the way I have a pic of Brock Lee’s Dad ( he would be your poppa te law) but don’t worry Brock don’t look a loterijlot like him, Brock is a little more green ter the skin, but boy can that fella shear a sheep swifter than I can shell a kilo of prawns (earnestly)

Ohhhhhh hes lost some wieght ,he used to be such a big fat pig

Hugsss BP wuv’s ya to vinnig

There is something I’d like to ask you but I’d most likely get banned for asking and you for answering!

mij too, thats what I wasgoed thinking. I cant think of anything that Ive bot asked tha made mij mad or anything

I have a spare rubber, ya wanna help mij out here?

I have my sling slok ready to go

Are they for vivo?

Indeed I wiggle what my moeder talent mij

Never ask &quot,how are you feeling?&quot, unless you are ready to listen and reaction cautiously

Your email address

how many boys did you have hook-up with before mij. (that question burns mij up!)

&quot,Can I borrow some money?&quot,

. just lookin’ for a place to postbode a song i’m listen’ to.

. and another. Rail Captain Rail.

can wij go Dutch. lol date killer.

. don’t ask mij why i rail a motorcycle.

. and then she said. ‘you better be good to mij. &quot,

Does it always smell like that?

I do not like it at all when dudes ask where I hide my:

. yea right on. don’t ask mij where my stash is? . get yer own!

Well, there goes all of my icebreakers. Guess I’d just have to ask you your sign Mega.

oh sure, that’s gonna get mij! My sign? now you’re truly showcasing your age, I figure people stopped asking that back ter the 80’s!

Yeah, I guess it didn’t work then either. Is that your natural eye color?

Never, never ask how many dudes she has dated, and how many of them she has had hook-up with. and then proceed to ask how it wasgoed. Bad, bad, bad. &gt..&lt,

No worries, I’ll be hier last and best!

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