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Last night I wasgoed contacted by a man online who said he’d like to take mij out. He wasgoed 56 years old, Jewish, attractive, 5’10”, and seemed interesting. Wij emailed a duo of times, then I talent him my phone number because email is a painful way to meet someone. He called within about an hour and wasgoed charming on the phone, until he wasn’t. After the obligatory dating puny talk, he determined it wasgoed time to be fair.

He began by letting mij know he wasgoed actually 66. He assured mij he looks 56 and said I clearly thought he wasgoed junior spil I responded to his rente. I am not interested ter dating a man who is 66 years old, so I simply told him that while I appreciated the rente, I wished him well with his search and wasgoed going to decline his invitation for drinks. He then told mij I wasgoed a “silly youthful woman” who needed to be realistic.

He let mij know that if I talent him a chance, I could fall te love and wij could be together for the surplus of our lives. He then told mij that ter seven years he would be 73 years old and most likely too old to scrape his seven year itch. Most likely. He went on to explain te seven years I’d be 59, and undoubtedly would have no hookup drive, so wij would be volmaakt for each other and could love our golden years.

I pointed out that he wasgoed 66, and suggesting I would be uninterested ter hookup at 59, didn’t speak well to a healthy lovemaking life with him. He explained that women get “dried up” around 55 and studs can have lovemaking until they are 100 because they are more sexual beings. I reminded him he would not be interested te hookup seven years from now, and he reminded mij he said “probably”, not undoubtedly. Dear Lord. I just can’t.

I wished him well with his search, collective that no good could come of his lounging about his age, and told him he wasgoed a pig. Not necessarily te that order. I then strung up up on him, made myself a cocktail, and went to bloembed with the cat. My dating life has always bot interesting, but spil I get older, it seems to be getting less interesting. I have a date tonight, which I am tempted to parasol, but I will go because I remain hopeful and am keeping the faith.

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