6 years ago from Alaska Being single can be enriching.

There are a number of reasons why you might want to learn how to be single. If you were recently te a long relationship or have dated several people just to find yourself single again, you might want to learn how to be single. Whatever the reason, you are most likely wondering how to be single and glad.

Take Charge of Your Life

There is no such thing spil the flawless relationship, so there’s no reason to feel jealous or upset at those who have found love. Every day wij see fake relationships that Hollywood writers have made for us, where people have no flaws and they meet their soul mates.

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Kick the Negativity

One part of being single is having to hear other people ask, “have you found someone special?” or “so. are you witnessing anyone?” Wij live te a couple-focused society, so it can be hard for people to understand being a singleton. That said, being single can feel lonely sometimes so hearing things like this can make you feel bad about yourself, but don’t let it!

Building Friendships

One fine thing about being single is that you will be able to work on making more friends. Having good friends is significant whether or not you are single, so you’ll always benefit from having a good group of pals.

How to Remain Optimistic

When someone says, “be optimistic” it’s effortless to think, “well, how can anyone just be glad?” But being optimistic doesn’t mean being blessed when things are rough, it means to make the best out of a situation. It’s like that clichГ© telling, “when life gives you lemons, alter their DNA and make super lemons” (or however it goes. )

Freedom: A Singleton’s Best Friend

You’re single! Think about it! You can gravely do whatever you want. You can leave the toilet seat exactly how you like it. No-one is going to nitpick about what’s on television or complain about your quirky habits. Plus, you don’t have to overeenkomst with anyone else’s quirky habit!

Being single is about getting to know yourself, becoming self-sufficient, and learning to love yourself. By packing your life with activities, friends, and positive feelings, you will feel better than you everzwijn have before. This is your life, live it the way you want!


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Two months ago from Northern Ireland

Your hub wasgoed wonderful to read with a loterijlot of advice and tips for those who are living the single life.

Trio years ago from INDIA

Every one will think to be single, if they face any hard situations, during the past. Sometimes, a pauze up te a relationship, will make us, feeling something wrong to embark a fresh one. But, Life has to go on.

Four years ago from Tanzania

Fine hub, this is a dead on point. good work.

Five years ago from US

I had a time ter my life that I wasgoed indeed glad being single. But then I found somebody to truly accomplish mij and now I can’t see mij single anymore!

Five years ago from Arkansas, USA

I just wrote a hub about best reasons to stay single. I love being single, and I love your hub!

Superb Hub. Significant reminders for everyone. Thanks.

6 years ago from Mexico

Spil the movie recommends, having a strong social network is crucial to be blessed while being single, otherwise, chances are you will feel lonely and kleintje of down.

Love it, love it, love it! Voted up and all the way across the houtvezelplaat.

6 years ago from Arkansas, USA

I’ve always loved being single. I can’t imagine being with someone all the time. I’ve bot ter a committed relationship for years, but wij don’t have to get married or live together for sure. Or talk or see each other every day. It’s the best of both worlds for mij! Fine hub. Lots of votes, including up!

6 years ago from Calgary, AB, Canada

Fine article, Melbel!

6 years ago from Louisiana, Idaho, Kauai, Nebraska, South Dakota, Missouri

Truly nicely stated. I sometimes wonder how many people are conditioned to believe they could never do anything alone. I used to say wij come into the world alone and go out alone, so there’s no reason why wij can’t treat our problems alone. If I had a dollar for every time I heard a person say, &quot,I can’t do that,&quot, I’d be one rich woman. I separated and went through a divorce te my late 30s, then went to collegium (because I could, so can you!) and then went to England without anyone holding my mitt. Crossing boundaries is a good thing to do when you’re single. And, you’re right, you pretty much get to write your own laundry story when you’re single. And even if you do your laundry, hey, if you want to sleep on top of the towels, you can. The value of the good of alone is learning how to love yourself, spil you say. Get to know who you are, Very first, before traveling into a relationship. Then you will learn quickly it’s not fair to switch somebody. sorry for the monologue. I indeed liked all the valid reasoning you collective because so much of it is very true. Some people, unluckily, are afraid to be single and alone because then they would be alone with their thoughts. I don’t see that spil a bad thing at all. Thumbs up.

6 years ago from Lasnaad Vegas, Cellisca

I am single and I couldn’t be more satisfied, very good hub.

6 years ago from Beautiful Upstate Fresh York

Excellent hub and I couldn’t agree with you more on all points.

I’ve bot married for years, single for years and now married again for the past 11 years. Have experienced the highs and lows of both spil well spil taken serious inventory of my life spil to the Big picture. The reality is I actually like both single and married. I believe having taken my time and thought before being &quot,either,&quot, by choice, I had no unrealistic expectations. I wasgoed ready and comfy each transition.

You wrote such wonderful ideas and suggestions for singletons everywhere! Up & awesome. Peace

6 years ago from San Francisco

Melbel, you’re just. you’re just so fantastic. Your Hubs never cease to make my day!

I have always bot a Singleton, and I have always felt awesome about it. Indeed, indeed awesome.

You bring up so many good points here- the freedom, the friendship, the control. all of it means so much to mij! And I’m so glad you mentioned the importance of not thinking all couples have it volmaakt. One of the most significant lessons I’ve learned ter life is to not compare one’s insides with someone else’s outsides.

6 years ago from Lancaster, CA

This is amazing!! I’ve never learned the kunst of being single. Everzwijn since I can recall I’ve bot ter a relationship. Just until recently, that switched, and now I find myself having A Loterijlot of free time, and raising my son. This is a Good HUB! I’m bookmarking it! VOTED UP!

Thank you for writing it.

6 years ago from California

This is a superb hub Melbel! I am one of those people who believe that you can’t be glad ter a relationship unless you can be glad outside of one spil well–

6 years ago from Charleston, SC

I can say with all honesty, being single deepthroats. When I became single this past summer my very first inclination wasgoed to attempt to fix whatever wasgoed wrong with mij that ended my LTR. But after a few pitiful months I came to realize that there wasgoed nothing wrong with mij to ‘fix.’ I’m healthy, have a superb career, good hobbies, good network of friends and family but now I find myself being too picky. I joined Match.com and go on dates at least merienda a week with someone fresh but I always find a reason not to go to the next level. I mean, a few of the women I’ve gone out with on a 2nd or 3rd date but then I embark thinking long term and none of them have the qualities I want ter a LTR. I want what I had but not with the woman I had it with so te some respects I have moved on. I’m far from volmaakt and I’m not looking for perfection but I think that I’m at a point where I shouldn’t have to lodge for less than what I’m willing to give. It may sound stupid but all those superb things you posted about being single were superb, before, when I wasgoed single, but then you get a taste of what its like to be ter a couple-hood and you would give anything to have that back. I would anyway.

6 years ago from Alaska

Being single can be enriching. Nobody is telling you what you cannot do and take on. There are so many groups like meetup groups that one can socialize with people and not think about looking for a playmate, just have a good time talking up and liking the uur,and come up ter your own sanctuary that is peaceful and quiet.

6 years ago from Queensland Australia

I am single of course Excellent article voted ^

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