From the days of Intel Pentium, to Core Duos and Quad Cores and now to the three musketeers i3, i5 and i7.

Using a Laptop is Elementary, Buying a Pc Should be Elementary Too

Te the age of digital technology, a good 70% – 80% of us would have come across and used a laptop te some point of our lives. Perhaps the rente sparked from there, like a schoolkid ter the 90’s who very first touched a box-like laptop and accessed internet at dial-up speeds for the very first time. Many of us get hooked from there and computers are now a part of most very first world countries’ daily lives. Spil I’m typing this, I’m doing it on a rekentuig. And spil you’re reading this, chances are at least half of you are reading it from a rekentuig too.

A partial reason for the popularity of Macintosh computers have always bot their plainness and ease of use. Back ter the days where huis users running all versions of DOS (Disk Operating System) you can name, the Apple Mújol commenced to market a revolutionary switch to consumers – GUI (Graphic User Interface). What makes GUI so popular that it is used predominantly today is that it is Ordinary to use. No more staring at rows and rows of directives and memorizing the prompts. People want to be able to operate a laptop without having to learn what’s going on inwards.

Using a pc is being made simpler every day. Choosing a rekentuig (to purchase) should be made simpler too. Of course you can just blindly pick any rekentuig available on the shelf but wij all want to get our money’s worth so I am going to attempt to pauze it down on the few specifications to look out for:

Things Wij are Aware Of

The commonly understood component of a pc are thesis Three details:

Most people know that the main OS that is available to the consumer market that is pre-installed are Windows, Mac and Linux (there are several versions including Unix and Ubuntu)

  • Processor
  • Thanks to the extensive marketing and little stickers on the casing of computers and laptops, most of us are very ordinario with the brand – Intel. From the days of Intel Pentium, to Core Duos and Quad Cores and now to the three musketeers i3, i5 and i7. AMD processors are not spil well known ter the consumer market but marketing seems to be picking up ter the latest years and awareness for AMD Athlon and Phenom is growing.

  • HDD (Hard Disk Drive) Storage Space
  • The floppy diskette days marked the embark of portable information storage that wij can bring along with us on the go for use on other computers. With thumbdrives and portable hard drives that increases ter storage size and decrease te prices, consumers are getting more educated on the significance of storage size – the higher the number reflected, the more storage and ‘better’ it is. Storage capacity of 500GB, 640GB, 1TB is commonly found ter the market albeit there are drives with storage up to 3TB available.

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